Study Aid: New Deal Legislation


New Deal Legislation


Reconstruction Finance Corporation

Granted emergency loans to banks, life insurance companies, and railroads


Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC)

Employed youth in reforestation, road construction, and flood control projects

Agricultural Adjustment Act

Direct payments to farmers to reduce production

Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA)

Creates independent public corporation to construct dams and power projects

National Industrial Recovery Act

Establishes fair-competition codes; section 7a guarantees labor’s right to organize Public Works Administration Public works


Federal Housing Administration (FHA)

Insured home loans


Works Progress Administration (WPA)

Employed 8 million on public works projects

Social Security Act

Established unemployment compensation and old age insurance

National Labor Relations Act

Creates National Labor Relations Board to prevent unfair labor practices


National Housing Act

Authorizes low rent public housing projects


Fair Labor Standards Act

Established minimum wage of 40 cents an hour and a 40 hour workweek