Counting Down to Hamilton

There are only six short weeks until the first student matinee of Hamilton on April 13!

To celebrate the launch of the program, we are excited to give you a series of posts that offer insight into the life of Alexander Hamilton. Every Wednesday until the first student matinee, look for an intriguing document, video, essay, or online exhibition that examines the Founding Father’s world. 

First, explore the titular man behind the musical with the Gilder Lehrman exhibition "Alexander Hamilton: The Man Who Made Modern America." This digital exhibition includes documents and images that span Alexander Hamilton’s life, from his youth in Nevis to his death in a duel. Discover how his visionary ideas on the economy, government, and slavery, formed by his upbringing and his service during the American Revolution, created a lasting legacy for the new American republic. 

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Want more Hamilton? Explore the Gilder Lehrman Institute’s videos, essays, featured primary sources, and teaching resources related to Alexander Hamilton and the Founding Era.