Digital Version of Celebrated Hamilton Education Program to Be Offered Free to Schools Nationwide

The Hamilton Education Program Online (#EduHamOnline) will launch a pilot program this fall with 76 participating schools from across the country.

Middle school students will have access to the education program for the first time. They will join high school students who will engage in a custom-designed education program that integrates the study of American history with the performing arts.

Among the program features all students will have access to are a wealth of materials on the #EduHamOnline website, including information about more than 45 Founding Era figures, 14 events, and 24 key documents as well as 175 supporting documents, video clips from HAMILTON, and more.  

All participants will have the opportunity to enter their work in both a national competition and a lottery. Winners, who will be judged by members of the HAMILTON team as well as regional educators, will be selected once a year and invited to New York City to attend an all-expenses-paid, full-day theater experience, which will include attending a matinee performance of HAMILTON.

Schools interested in signing up for the Hamilton Education Program Online should visit

“From everything that has come out of HAMILTON, I am most proud of EduHam and of the students who have created their own incredible work from primary sources,” said HAMILTON creator Lin-Manuel Miranda. “I’m thrilled by the storytelling that comes out of the EduHam curriculum and the hunger it awakens in students who are empowered to dig deeper and find inspiration from our collective history.”

The original education program launched in the spring of 2016 with a goal of serving 250,000 students and teachers in Title I–eligible high schools in select cities throughout the country by the end of 2020. #EduHamOnline will not have a Title I stipulation; all public, private, parochial, and charter schools grades 6–12 can participate.  

The pilot program is being funded by The Rockefeller Foundation, which generously provided the seed funding for the creation of the Hamilton Education Program in 2016. Program partners will fundraise for the national launch in the fall of 2020 and for the annual recurring program costs to ensure the program remains free for all participating students in perpetuity. 

To read more about the program, click here.