EduHam Online October 2022 Newsletter: Broadway's Nik Walker Reads Aaron Burr's Letters

Nik Walker at the Gilder Lehrman Collection with a letter from Aaron Burr to his daughter TheodosiaWelcome to the official newsletter for the Hamilton Education Program Online, the program whose goal is to help students in grades 6–12 see the relevance of the founding era by using primary sources to create a performance piece (e.g., a song, rap, poem, or scene) following the model used by Lin-Manuel Miranda to create the musical Hamilton.

This month we feature, for your primary source inspiration, the current Aaron Burr from Broadway’s Hamilton, Nik Walker, who visited the Gilder Lehrman Collection recently. Below Nik Walker reads letters from Burr to pivotal historical figures like Thomas Jefferson and his daughter Theodosia (of “Dear Theodosia” fame). Enjoy!

Burr’s letter to Theodosia

Burr’s letter to Jefferson

Burr’s letter to Joseph Alston

Burr's Letter to Jacob Gurby

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