Hamilton Education Program Online Launches Third Year for Grades 6-12

 The Hamilton Education Program Online (EduHam Online) returns to all schools with students in grades 6–12 for the 2022–2023 school year.

Completely adaptable for remote or hybrid learning, the program encourages students to use their newfound knowledge of the founding era to create original pieces—a song, rap, spoken word, or scene—using primary source documents like Lin-Manuel Miranda did in writing the musical Hamilton.

Students work with a teacher on the EduHam Online curriculum.The program features a wealth of materials on the EduHamOnline website, including information about more than 45 founding era figures, 14 events, and 24 key documents, as well as 175 supporting documents, video clips from Hamilton, and more.

Get inspired by Lin-Manuel Miranda, teachers who use EduHam Online in their classrooms, and student performers in the video below.