HAMILTON's Celebrated Education Program Returns in LA - Variety and Broadway World

"The best way to teach history to our young people is to capture their imaginations," said Mayor Eric Garcetti. "That's why I'm excited to welcome Gilder Lehrman and the HAMILTON Education Program to Los Angeles. The EduHam program will give our students an opportunity to see the story of America's founding come alive right in front of their eyes - through the lenses of music, art, and creativity."

Read the full Broadway World article by Chloe Rabinowitz from Feb. 9, 2022 here.

"Said Jeff Loeb, general manager of the Pantages. 'We’re kicking off this restart with an ‘EduHam’ performance, so we have [over] 2,000 Title I LAUSD students in the building — all of which were required to do a performance art piece based on a source from the Founding Era — and so we don’t have 2,000 students, we have 2,000 performers in the building watching ‘Hamilton.’ It’s a pretty special event.'”

Read the full Variety article by Wyatte Grantham-Philips from February 11, 2002 here.