Lewis E. Lehrman's Lincoln and Churchill: Statesmen at War

Lincoln and ChurchillWe are pleased to announce the latest publication by Lewis E. Lehrman, the co-founder of the Gilder Lehrman Institute, a renowned historian, and a National Humanities Medal winner. Lincoln & Churchill: Statesmen at War, provides a new perspective on two of the greatest English-speaking statesmen and their remarkable leadership in wars of national survival. 

In the first book-length comparison of these two renowned war leaders, Mr. Lehrman finds that Lincoln and Churchill—with very different upbringings and contrasting personalities—led their war efforts, to some extent, in similar ways. They were guided not only by principles of honor, duty, and freedom, but also by the practical wisdom to know when, where, and how to apply these principles.

Learn more about this book in article published by Mr. Lehrman in Time, “Wartime Leadership Lessons from Abraham Lincoln and Winston Churchill.”

“Deeply researched and elegantly written, Mr. Lehrman’s Lincoln & Churchill is a valuable contribution to our knowledge of the past. By expertly conjoining two great leaders in a single volume, he has enhanced our understanding of both.”

—Michael F. Bishop, The Wall Street Journal