The New AP US History Study Guide Is Here!

Piece of the Berlin Wall displayed at the Newseum museum, Arlington, Virginia, a photograph taken by Carol M. Highsmith, ca. 2000. (Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division)The Gilder Lehrman Institute’s AP US History (APUSH) Study Guide has been helping students and teachers prepare for the APUSH exam for years. But, as you know, the College Board announced several changes for the 2024 exam, scheduled for May 10.

We took this opportunity to give the study guide a complete overhaul. We’ve updated it with a fresh new look, but more importantly, the new site is designed to help students meet and exceed the standards of the College Board’s updated curriculum and rubrics.

It’s also easier to navigate and more engaging than ever before.

We’ve organized the guide around the nine periods included in the APUSH exam. Students can focus on the periods they need to give extra attention to—or take a comprehensive approach by working through the guide from the beginning (1491–1607) to the end (1980–Present).

No matter how you and your students decide to approach it, you’ll find engaging new content videos from renowned historians and instructional videos featuring experienced APUSH teachers who offer tips and tricks to maximize each student’s score potential.

Check out the new APUSH Study Guide today by going to