Inside the Vault: America’s First First Lady: Martha Washington

In this session, Victoria Ann Scovens from Hamilton and Rosanne Lichatin, 2005 National History Teacher of the Year, join our curators to discuss two letters written by America’s first First Lady, Martha Washington. Written during two pivotal moments in her life, these primary sources reflect Martha’s views at the conclusion of the Revolutionary War and at the beginning of George’s presidency. What was Martha’s hope for the country after the war? What views did the First Lady have as she traveled to New York to be with President Washington?

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Classroom-ready resources for the documents presented

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  • A letter by Martha Washington to Hannah Boudinot about returning to domestic life after the Revolutionary War: 9:23–20:48
  • A letter by Martha Washington to Frances B. Washington about life in New York following George’s inauguration: 20:48–53:27