Inside the Vault: Women's Suffrage

In this session of Inside the Vault: Highlights from the Gilder Lehrman Collection, originally broadcast on October 15, 2020, our curators are joined by CherylAnne Amendola, 2017 New Jersey History Teacher of the Year, and Lauren Boyd from Hamilton to discuss the women’s suffrage movement. We go beyond the textbook and discuss different types of rare primary source documents relating to the women’s suffrage movement, including suffrage propaganda, anti-suffrage views, and a map that traced the ratification of the Nineteenth Amendment across the country.

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    Classroom-ready resources for the documents presented

    Use the timestamps below to jump to the documents you want to view

    • An Appeal to the Women of the United States by the National Woman Suffrage and Educational Committee: 4:53–6:30
    • The Committee on Privileges and Elections: 14:10–23:15
    • Note from Susan B. Anthony: 24:03–34:04
    • Suffrage postcard: 35:46–36:39
    • “Women in the Home” propaganda poster: 36:39–37:16
    • “The Woman's Reason” propaganda poster: 37:17–37:56
    • “Plain Facts for the Working Man” propaganda poster: 37:57–38:52
    • “The Map Proves It”: 45:41–54:27