Counting Down to Hamilton: Week 4

There’s less than one month left until the Hamilton student matinee on April 13! 

This week, discover Alexander Hamilton in the American Imagination, the newest issue of History Now, Gilder Lehrman’s online journal.

Lin-Manuel Miranda in Hamilton

In five essays, historians weigh in on Alexander Hamilton’s life and legacy. Richard Brookhiser considers Hamilton’s influence in shaping the American economy, Joanne B. Freeman takes a closer look at the famous duel between Hamilton and Aaron Burr, and Brian Phillips Murphy explains the importance of having Hamilton on the $10 bill. Two essays reflect on modern depictions of Hamilton—Muffie Meyer recounts recreating Hamilton’s life on screen for a documentary, and Elizabeth L. Wollman analyzes on the monumental nature of the Broadway musical. 

Explore these articles as well as videos, teacher guides, and primary source documents in the full issue here

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