The Right to Vote: Supplemental Resources

These resources, from the Gilder Lehrman Institute and partners in the Civics Renewal Network, may be useful for students and teachers in conjunction with material produced for The Right to Vote project.

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Historical Scholarship on Voting Rights

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The Right to Vote in the Gilder Lehrman Book Shop

The Institute has selected recent scholarship on voting available on our through our Book Shop page on

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Book Breaks

Many of the scholars in this list were also featured in our Book Breaks series. Book Breaks is completely free for Affiliate School K–12 teachers and students, college students, and college faculty; members of the general public can purchase a one-year subscription for weekly live programs and the archive of more than 100 conversations with American history scholars, including these programs:

Self-Paced Courses

For a deeper dive into the history of voting, elections, and reform, the following Gilder Lehrman Self-Paced Courses may be particularly useful:

Civics Renewal Network Resources

The Civics Renewal Network is a consortium of more than thirty nonprofit, nonpartisan organizations committed to strengthening civic life in the United States by increasing the quality of civics education and improving access to high-quality, no-cost educational materials for teachers, students, and interested citizens.

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Street Law: Legal Timelines

As part of their Legal Timelines series, Street Law has produced Suffrage: A Legal Timeline of Voting Rights. Explore the history of voting rights in the United States, from its early influences to constitutional amendments and landmark Supreme Court cases.

Center for Civic Education: Teaching the Midterms

In 2022, the Center for Civic Education produced Teaching the Midterms, a trove of teaching resources on voting and elections.

Games and Resources from iCivics

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iCivics’s first-of-its-kind digital civic library includes more than 260 curricular resources, digital literacy tools, professional learning materials, and educational video games. Here are just a few of the organization’s lesson plans, videos, infographics, and games related to voting:


Lesson Plans and Teaching Resources

A free iCivics account may be needed to access these resources.


Lesson Plans and Videos from RetroReport

Through more than 250 short videos connecting history to today, RetroReport in the Classroom resources shed further light on historical antecedents to contemporary issues. These four resources connect to the history of voting in the United States: 

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Lesson Plans from EDSITEment

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EDSITEment is a partnership between the National Endowment for the Humanities and the National Trust for the Humanities.

EDSITEment offers free resources for teachers, students, and parents searching for high-quality K-12 humanities education materials in the subject areas of history and social studies, literature and language arts, foreign languages, arts, and culture. Here are three EDSITEment resources that can further support The Right to Vote resource suite:

Additional Resources