Inside the Vault: Lucy Knox

During the siege of Boston in 1775, 19-year-old Lucy Knox gave up everything she knew and left Boston with her husband’s sword hidden in her clothes. She would never see her parents or siblings again. Lucy’s letters to her husband, Henry Knox, provide valuable eyewitness testimony to the experience of Americans during the Revolutionary War. In the March 4, 2021 program, 2006 Oregon History Teacher of the Year Lois MacMillan and Hamilton Broadway Company Manager Holli Campbell joined us as we examined Lucy’s letters and learned about her experiences with smallpox, the dangers of the war, and her divided family.

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  • Lucy Knox to Hannah Urquhart, 1777: 4:57–15:17
  • Lucy Knox to Henry Knox, April 13, 1777: 7:07–15:17
  • Lucy Knox to Henry Knox, May 1, 1777 : 15:18–29:06
  • Lucy Knox to Henry Knox, May 1777: 29:07–43:40
  • Lucy Knox to Henry Knox, August 23, 1777: 43:41–59:40

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