Alexandre Bojko
University of South Florida
“Jacksonian Charisma and Whig Non-Conformity: An Analysis of the Political Rhetoric of Democrats and Whigs in the Election of 1840”

Natalie Brown
Yale University
“African American Music as a Tool of Resistance”

Baird Johnson
Stanford University
“Contesting the Nature of the Union: Complicating the Ratification Debate”

Aidan Kaltenbacher
Saint Louis University
“Development of the Women’s Suffrage Movement in the United States after the Civil War”

Sarah Konrad
Duke University
“Person and Property at Once: The Peculiar Case of The State v. Cally, a Slave

Novia Liu
Stanford University
“Revolutionizing the Second Chamber: Bicameralism, Republicanism, and the 1780 Massachusetts Constitution”

Benoit Mes
University of Oxford
“Across the Color Line: Intimate Interracial Relationships in the United States of America before Loving v. Virginia (1967)”

William Nash
Princeton University
“Am I My Brother’s Keeper?: James and Joshua Speed in Antebellum American History”

Gwyn Reutenauer
Barnard College
“Uncovering Tobacco: The Role of the Crop in the Colonization and Settlement of Connecticut”

Jacob Schapiro
College of William and Mary
“Investigating African American Education at the Turn of the Twentieth Century through the Calhoun Industrial School”