Current Fellows

David Brown
Senior Lecturer in American History, University of Manchester 
“Britain’s Last Abolitionist Campaign: US Slavery, the Emancipation Society, and Anglo-American Abolition”

Amy M. Cools
PhD Candidate in History, University of Edinburgh 
“Dr. James McCune Smith: African American Physician, Intellectual, Author, and Activist”

Harrison M. Diskin
PhD Candidate in History, University of Southern California
“Building the Republic: New York City in an Age of Revolution”

Alyssa Lopez 
PhD Candidate in History, Michigan State University  
“Screens, Seats, and Picket Signs: New York City’s Black Film Culture, 1896–1945”

Grace Mallon 
DPhil Candidate in History, University of Oxford
“Governing the Union: The States in the Early American Republic, 1789–1812”

Kieran O’Keefe
PhD Candidate in History, The George Washington University
“‘These Wretched Miscreants’: Loyalists, Patriots, and Violence in the Hudson River Valley”

Don S. Polite Jr. 
PhD Candidate in History, University of South Carolina 
“The Influence of US Jim Crow Policies on Puerto Rico at the Turn of the Twentieth Century”

Jessica Samuel 
PhD Candidate in American Studies, Boston University 
“From Virgin Land to Virgin Islands: Conserving ‘America’s Paradise’”

Laura Ford Savarese
PhD Candidate in History, Yale University, and JD Candidate, Yale Law School 
“New York’s Juvenile Reformatories and the Origins of Children’s Rights”

Silvana R. Siddali
Eugene A. Hotfelder Professor of Humanities and Professor of History, Saint Louis University
“Manifestoes, Constitutions, and Bills of Rights: American and European Constitutions, 1815–1870”