Current Fellows

Caroline “C.C.” Borzilleri
PhD Candidate in History, The George Washington University
“The Personal and Professional Lives of Early American Women Printers”

Elizabeth Noble Goodenough
Lecturer, Arts and Ideas in the Humanities Program, University of Michigan
“The Gilder and the Golden Age: Children’s Books, Kindergartens, and the White House (1850–1900)”

Lincoln Hirn
PhD Candidate in History, University of Connecticut at Storrs 
“Reconsidering the Postbellum Slave Narrative”

Adam Levinson 
Independent scholar and founder of the legal history blog
“Miss Dally’s Boarding House: The Location Where the Constitution was ‘Drafted’ by Gouverneur Morris”

Marley Lix-Jones
PhD Candidate in History, Harvard University 
“Disturbed Districts: Enslaved Community and Geography Amidst Rebellion in the Greater Caribbean, 1807–1840”

Kevin Alan March 
PhD Candidate in History, Boston College
“Breaking Dawn: King Philip’s War and the Rise of the Wabanaki Confederacy, 1675–1763”

Jennifer Jones Marler
PhD Candidate in History, University of South Carolina
“‘Make Yourselves Free’: The Social and Political Impact of the Revolutionary Black Experience in New York City, 1776–1783”

Martin Nekola 
Independent historian and researcher 
“East European Exiles in New York City in the First Phase of the Cold War”

Taylor Prescott
PhD Candidate in Atlantic History, University of Pennsylvania
“Contestation, Cooperation, and Identity Formation: Examining Black Interethnic Exchange in Sierra Leone”

Hampton Smith 
PhD Candidate in History, Massachusetts Institute of Technology 
“Making Against Slavery: Craft and Abolition in the Black Atlantic World, 1750–1865”