Current Fellows

Julia Bernier
Assistant Professor, History Department and African American Studies Program, Washington & Jefferson College
“All on Board: Slavery and Shipping on the Brig Orleans

Anders Bright
PhD Candidate in History, University of Pennsylvania
“Luck’s Republic: Lotteries, Class, and Finance in Early America”

Theodore Delwiche
PhD Candidate in History, Yale University 
“The Contested Classics: Education in North America, 1630–1830”

Aston Gonzalez  
Associate Professor of History, Salisbury University 
“The Making of Black Genius from the Revolution to Reconstruction”

Samuel Niu
PhD Candidate in History and Richard Hofstadter Fellow, Columbia University 
“The Other Chinese Question: Immigration, Race, and the Problem of Labor in the Age of Emancipation”

Madison Ogletree 
PhD Candidate in History, Columbia University
“A Peculiar Freedom: Free People of Color, the Law, and the Making of the Old South, 1787–1860”

Samantha Leigh Payne
Assistant Professor of History, College of Charleston  
“The Last Atlantic Revolution: Reconstruction and the Struggle for Democracy in the Americas, 1861–1912”

Elena M. Telles Ryan 
PhD Candidate in History, Princeton University 
“‘Entirely at the Indians’ Discretion’: The Legal Landscape of the Western Great Lakes, 1670–1823”

William C. Schmadeke
Teacher of AP World History, Grant Community High School, Fox Lake, Illinois 
“The Infrastructure of the Cold War”

Andrew Wehrman 
Associate Professor of History, Central Michigan University 
“New York City’s Doctors’ Riot of 1788”