GLI Teacher Symposium Courses Filling Quickly

Courses are filling up!

Kathy Peiss (University of Pennsylvania) leads Women in US History: Diverse Lives, Critical Debates, Social ChangeThe Gilder Lehrman Institute is pleased to return to Gettysburg College for our second annual Teacher Symposium from July 16 to July 19.

Right now, three of the seven courses are nearly full:

The American Civil War with Gary Gallagher (University of Virginia) — a course examining the era of the American Civil War, with emphasis on its origins, scope, and consequences.

Women in US History: Diverse Lives, Critical Debates, Social Change with Kathy Peiss (University of Pennsylvania) — a course exploring the history of American women, focusing on how attention to women changes the ways we understand and teach American history.

Timothy Naftali (New York University) leads US Intelligence and the Making of the Modern World, 1940-2017US Intelligence and the Making of the Modern World, 1940-2017 with Timothy Naftali (New York University) — a course introducing teachers to the great sweep of world history from 1940 to 2017 through the lens of the role played by American spies, codebreakers, saboteurs, covert operators, intelligence analysts, and their key allies and adversaries.

Don't miss your opportunity to enjoy the summer PD that offers

  • World-renowned lecturers teaching wide-ranging topics
  • The thrill of getting to know your peers from all over the country
  • A visit to one of the most significant American historical sites

Gary Gallagher (University of Virginia) leads The American Civil WarThe Symposium will feature seven courses led by

  • David Blight (Yale University)
  • Brenda Child (University of Minnesota)
  • Gary Gallagher (University of Virginia)
  • Charles McKinney (Rhodes College)
  • Edna Greene Medford (Howard University)
  • Timothy Naftali (New York University)
  • Kathy Peiss (University of Pennsylvania)

While at Gettysburg, teachers will enjoy a Gettysburg Battlefield tour, networking opportunities, and the chance to get to know the professors of all the courses in a collegial setting.

Find out more and register here.