Our Students

“You have no idea how the change in credentials impacted my credibility in a school where challenges arise towards teachers of color.”
—2019–2020 MA Program Participant Survey Respondent

“The improved skills I gain through this Gilder Lehrman courses help me more effectively teach my students to act as historians instead of just history students.”
—Ron Poppie, Arcadia Elementary School (Arcadia, WI) 

“My understanding of history is deeper. I don’t feel like a teacher teaching history I feel more like a historian teaching history.”
—2019–2020 MA Program Participant Survey Respondent

“I have a much better understanding now of how thinking about history has shifted over time, even during my career. There is no other way I could have had so much exposure to so many experts’ ideas and also learn how to think and write about them.”
2019–2020 MA Program Alumni Survey Respondent