With Gilder Lehrman, you can take live online courses with top historians while earning graduate credit. Our innovative model, driven by teachers and guided by scholars, offers unusually affordable professional credentials.

What will you discover through our online graduate courses?

  • SMALL CLASS SIZES: We believe that effective history education depends upon a high degree of engagement between teachers and students, and thus our courses are not massive: each is limited to a community of 100 teachers dedicated to learning together—live, in real time.
  • EMINENT SCHOLARS: The perspectives and original insights of expert historians shape each course.
  • TRAINING IN DIGITAL HISTORY: Starting with the Gilder Lehrman Collection, we use digital history archives in order to engage participants with the words, images, and ideas that have shaped American history, and then analyze them to foster new ways of thinking.

Since the summer of 2012, Gilder Lehrman has enrolled 1,068 participants in 46 states and four continents in online graduate courses. Take a look at our offerings below to learn more about how you can boost your credentials and take your American history teaching to the next level.