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Van Dyke, Cornelius (fl. 1775-1783) [American Revolution orderly book of the 2nd New York with garrison orders for Fort Schuyler]

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Gilder Lehrman Collection #: GLC03158 Author/Creator: Van Dyke, Cornelius (fl. 1775-1783) Place Written: Rome, New York Type: Manuscript signed Date: 1 July 1779 - 24 May 1780 Pagination: 205 p. ; 15.7 x 19.8 cm.

Summary of Content: Orderly book with orders issued by Lieutenant Colonel Cornelius Van Dyke and Major John Graham, some signed and in their hand. Notable orders relate to a Fourth of July celebration and General Burgoyne's surrender at Saratoga. Many others concern military preparations, court martials, Indian trade proscriptions, and other matters related to the protection from the Iroquois on the New York frontier. Most entries name day guards. Fort Schuyler, in Oneida County, New York, was an outpost exposed to British-Indian raiding, especially just west, in the Mohawk Valley. Raids in that valley precipitated the Sullivan-Clinton expedition of 1779, which laid waste many Iroquois settlements. The orderly book reveals much about daily fears of capture and attack.

Full Transcript: [excerpt]
F. Schuyler Amsterdam
Captn Andrew Finck's
Albany Orderly Book
By John
Garison orders Fortschuyler Jul - 1st 1779
officer of the day to Morrow Capt Corp for Guard Enseign Gilbert ...for fateague Capt VanRanken and Lieut Sherwood The Commanding officer Remind the officers and [struck: soldiers] Guard of the orders of the 29 april last and again orders them strictly to be obeyd the officer of the Guard Will give strict orders to the sentinels on the Bosteans not to suffer any soldiers nor no Person What Ever, to go farther than the Limets which will be pointed out to them this after Noon- offenders here in May depend to suffer accordingly - By order of John Grahams Mayor Commandent

Garrison orders Fortschuyler July 2d 1779
officer of the day to Morrow Capt [struck: Persons] [inserted: Finck]
for Guard Lt Muller & officers for fateague Capt Lt. Persons and Lit salsberry By orders of
Cols John Graham-
[2] Garison orders Fortschuyler- 3d - [inserted: july] 1779
officer of the day to Morrow Capt Hicks for Guard Enseign Cloock- to Morrow the anaversary of the declara[tion] of independency. Will be Celebrated by the firing of 13 Peares of Canon and 3 dis Charges of small arms in a Runing fire -
Begining on the Right at the flag staff and Ending on the left in Consequince No work to be done to morrow-
and all the Men to apear as Clean as posibel, the whole Garison to perade at 11 oclock at the beating of the long Rool and March in form to their different alarm poste; And at 12 oclock Capt Eustis will order the Canon to fire Begining on the Night at the flag staff and Ending on the left when the whole will Give 3 whozas then the first Running fire to be gin on the Right and End on the left as be fore w[text loss] & whooza and so the 2d and 3d fires- the Men are desired to ha[text loss] 3 Blank Cartrages prepard for that purpose -
By orders of Major Grahams Commdt
[3] Garrison orders Fortschuyler july 4th 1779
officer of the Day tomorrow Capt Wendell for Guard Lieut Tinbroeck officer for fateague to morrow Capt VanRanker and Enseign Ryckman

Garrison orders Fortschuyler july- 5th 1779
officer of the day to morrow Capt Persons for Guard Lieut Walkenburgh- for feateague to morrow Capt fink and Lieut now-
By orders of Major Grahams Comdt

Garison orders Fortschueyler- july 6th 1779
officer of the day to Morrow Capt Wendell for Guard Lieut Sherwood- officers for fateague to Morrow Capt Flicks and Enseign Gilbert-

[4] Garison orders Fortschuyler july 8t[text loss] [text loss]
officer of the day to Morrow Capt VanRanker For Guard Lieut Muller~ officer for fateague to Morrow Capt Persons and Lieut salsberry-
Garison orders Fortschuyler july 8th 1779
officer f the day to Morrow Capt Flicks for Guard Lt Scudder- officers for for fateagu[text loss] Capt Wendel and Ens Clock-
aparty to hold them selves in Rediness to Mar[text loss] to morrow Morning at 9 oclock with 14 days Provisions to consist of one Capt- 1 sub- 2 [illegible] 2 Corpls and 36 Privets for this duty Capt fink and Lieut C FenBroeck
By order of Major Grahams Co[text loss] after orders Fort schuyler july 8th 1779 al Persons subject to the orders of this Garison are here by [5] strictly for bid to trade with or dispose of Rum to the indeans on any Pretenck Whatsoever The soldiers areLikewise orbid Exchanging their Blankets or other Cloathing with the indeans with out Permision from the Commanding officer
By order of John Grahams Major
Garison orders Fortschuyler july 9th 1779
officer of the Day to Morrow Capt VRanker For Guard Enseign Ryckman- officers for fateague Capt Flicks and Lt C FinBroeck-
one Capt 1 sub- 2 sujts- 2 Corpls- & no [illegible] to hold them selves in Rediness to March to Morrow Morning at [illegible] oclock with 3 days Provisions Ready Coockd for this Comd Capt Lieut Persons and Enseign Gilbert
By order of Major Grahams Commdt
[6] Garison orders Fortschuyler july 10th 1779
officer of the Day to morrow Capt Flicks- for Guard [text loss] Finbroeck- D Courtmartial to set immediately to try such Prisoners as shall be brought before them Capt Wendell President- Members- Lt Hardenburgh Wanwalkenburgh + Wendell and Enseign Gilbert
By order
of Major Grahams Commdt

Garison orders Fortschuyler july- 11th 1779
officer of [struck: the day to morrow Capt- Wendell- for Guard Lieut Snow, No Evidence appearing at the Courtmartial yester to support the charge against Samuel Whealor Capt VanRanker
the Commandning officer aquit
Company they there fore [inserted: aquit him] them from [inserted: the] hi[text loss] [struck: Company] [inserted: Commanding officer aquit] Complinment Major in the 1:VT N:Y: Batilion James Marsh Sergeant on Nothing Extraordinary Since Guard mounting this morning- Wm. Bell
[7] Garison Orders Fortschuyler july 11th 1779
officers of the day tomorrow Capt Wendell for Guard, Lt Show No Evidence appearing at the Cortmartial held yesterday to support The Charge against Samuel Whealor of Capt VanRanker Company they therefore aquit him - The Commanding officer Confirms the Sentence and orders him to be Releast from Confinement and Order him to join his Company again
By orders of Major Grahams Comedt

Garison Orders Fortschuyler July- 12th 1779
officer of the day tomorrow Capt W VanRanker For Guard Enseign Wendell~

Garison Orders Fortschuyler- july-13th 1779
officer of the day to morrow Capt Flicks- For Guard Lieut Vanvalkenburgh~

Garison order Fort schuylers july-14th 1779-
officer of the day to morrow Capt Wendell~
for Guard Enseign Gilbert- …
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People: Van Dyck, Cornelius, fl. 1775-1783
Graham, John, ?-1832
Burgoyne, John, 1722-1792

Historical Era: American Revolution, 1763-1783

Subjects: Orderly BookRevolutionary WarContinental ArmyFourth of JulyHolidays and CelebrationsMilitary HistorySurrenderBattle of SaratogaBattleMilitary LawMerchants and TradeCommerceAmerican Indian HistoryFrontiers and Exploration

Sub Era: The War for Independence

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