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Stone, Robert L. (1921-2009) U.S. Air Corp Service Memories Part One

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Gilder Lehrman Collection #: GLC09620.350 Author/Creator: Stone, Robert L. (1921-2009) Place Written: March Field, California/Oahu, Hawaii/Mariana Islands Type: Scrapbook Date: 1943-1944 Pagination: 2 v. ca. 197 items ; 21.3 x 32.5 cm.

Summary of Content: Robert L. Stone's scrapbook from World War II. It contains 197 photos of living conditions, people, and small mementos such as newspaper clippings, tickets, and menus. It also includes a list of all 40 combat missions that were completed noting the date, location ad length of time it took. The second part of this scrapbook is GLC09620.351.

Background Information: Robert "Bob" Stone was a Bombardier in World War II and served in the Pacific Front. These letters, were compiled by Bob's wife, Sheila M. Stone, and Ali Adair into ...a book named Letters in a Box. This book details Bob's service to his country, and his life after the war. Bob's letters were donated to the collection by his wife, Sheila M. Stone, in 2017. It contains a variety of letters, postcards, patches, pins, photographs, and scrapbooks that relate to Bob's training and combat missions. See More

Full Transcript: Robert L. Stone U.S. Air Force Service Memories Scrapbook [Part 1]
s.l., 1943-1944.
Scrapbook, 84 pages.

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U.S. Air Corps
Service Memories

...This book is the property of
Lt. Robert L. Stone 0-696041
431st Bomb Squadron (Heavy)
11th Bomb Group

7th Air Force "Pop" Elkins Crew
Standing l. to r. -
Kneeling l. to r. -

March Field, California Dec. 1943-June 1944
1st Pilot - Bill Elkins (1.)
Alias "Pop"
From Killeen, Texas
Co-Pilot - Bill McGarvey (2.)
Alias "Mac"
From Premont, Texas

Navigator - Otto B. Zach (3.)
Alias - "The Russian"
From Portland, Oregon
Bombardier - "Yours truly" (4.)

Radio Operator T/Sgt. Weaver
West Virginia
2.) Armorer Tail Gunner S/Sgt. French
3.) Nose Gunner S/Sgt. Fox
West Virginia

1.) Asst Radio Operator S/Sgt. Rudler
From Ohio
2.) Engineer T/Sgt. Nickola
From N.Y.
3.) Asst. Engineer S/Sgt. Freeman
From Minnesota

Kahoku Air Base Oahu, T.H. July-Oct. 1944
July 10th, 1944 we arrived at Kahoku Army Air Base, Oahu, Hawaii

Mac and Zach posing as gunmen. (1& 2.)

Pop's looking happy, as usual (3.)

R.L.S. about to embark for Honolulu for the first time. What a disappointment! (4.)

"Pop" working on his table, with the ever present cigar. (1.)

"Pop" displaying his manly figure - notice the "old man" sucking in his bulging paunch. (2. +3.)

Application for making a transpacific phone call.
"That's how my money goes"!

The "almighty dollar" a la Hawaii, and boy how the natives go after all you've got on hand!

Many a pleasant swim and long cool drink here.

Stayed in room #5 but had to leave early so that Jack Benny could move in.

[No text]

"Kau Kau Korner"
(Crossroads of the Pacific)

Scenes along the coast out near Kahoka

Kau Kau Korner (1.)

The Waikiki theater (2.)

Hawaiian junk shop (3.)

The Royal Hawaiian Hotel (1.)
Occupied by the Navy
The Moana Hotel (2.)
(Many good meals here)

The Royal Hawaiian from the front. (3.)

Close-up of one of Dole's best (1.)

Sugar Cane Field (2.)

Pineapple Field (3.)

[No text]

Beach at Kalapana, Hawaii (1.)

Ocean view, Hawaii (2.)

Cocoanut Is.- Mauna Kea Mt. Hilo, Hawaii (3.)

Top of Pali (1.)

Looking down on Pali Road (3.)

Native throwing net near Diamond Head (1.)

Native surfboarder at Waikiki.
Took a try at it and 'taint easy! (2.)

Surfboarding at Waikiki with Diamond Head in the background (3.)

Lava Tube, Hawaii Natl. Park (1.)
Hilo, Hawaii

Waterfall at Hilo, Hawaii (2.)

Halemaumau, Hawaii Natl. Park (3.)
Hilo, Hawaii

Hanalei Valley, Kauai (1.)

Spouting Horn, Kauai (2.)

Waimea Canyon, Kauai (3.)

Pineapple Field, Mauai (1.)

Silversword - Haleakala, Mauai (2.)

Dole Pineapple Company (3.)

Sunrise - Haleakala, Mauai (1.)

Iao Valley, Mauai (2.)
Haleakala Crater, Mauai (3.)

Three shots of ships we flew back at March Field, California.

At left is a group formation we flew up to Frisco in December '43 at March Field, California

Haleiwa Army Officers Club
(14 miles from Kahoko)

Many a good meal, lots of beer, and overnight several times.

What a night when "Pop", Leary, Keith, and Braheny were restricted for a week! The same night that the Japs slashed my head open!

First game of Army-Navy World Series.
Johnny Beazley vs. Virgil Trucks

Admiral Nimitz threw in the first ball after making a short speech - quite impressive!

The main hotel in Honolulu. Always crowded - had to get a room before lunchtime or else no dice.

Many meals here because they nearly always had milk!

Hickom to Kwajalein via Johnston

Left Hickom at about noon and arrived at Johnston in time for dinner

Left for Kwajulein the next day and arrived there on the 7th after crossing the International Date Line.

1.) Pop posing as a Texas gunman.

2.) The "Old Man" about to shave, shower, shampoo, etc.

3.) He got me!

1.) Our abode for three months at Kahuku

2.) My bed and table inside the tent at Kahuku.

1.) R.L.S. posing as gunman
2.) R.L.S. about to leave for the line to fly

1.) John Toolan ready to leave for Honolulu

2.) "Curly" Hurley

1.) Mac & Zach after a mission back at March

2.) R.L.S. about to go into Honolulu - called Pan that day

Kwajalien, The Marshalls Oct. 1944
1.) Headquarters at Kwajalien, largest atoll in the Marshalls. Arrived on October 7, 1944

2.) Water tank riddled by U.S. bombardment when island was in Jap hands.

1.) Jap grave wish[sic] estimated dead of 300.

2.) Another Jap site with estimated dead of 500.

1.) B-25 taken at Kahuku

2.) Another shot of a B-25.

1.) "Woody" firing at the pistol range, Kahuku.

2.) R.L.S. on the skeet range of Kahuku - didn't have to clean guns that day!

1.), 2.), 3.) Chits used to buy drinks and peanuts.
4.) Membership card to Gropas at Kwajalien. Enjoyed cold beer and bourbon there every night while at Kwaj; It was a navy club and they were real big hearted and let us join up - really the only thing that made our stay at Kwaijalien bearable.

1.) Keith on the sack down at Kwajalien.

2.) "Gil" on the steps of our barracks at Kwaj.

3.) John Snyder in front of our abode at Kahuku.

1.) Our headquarters back at Kwaj.

2.) Our abode at Kahuku - the spot where I spent most of my time.

1.) We flew "Star Eyes" on our first mission to Jap after bringing it down from Kwaj.

2.) Flew "Stripped for Action" on a couple of missions while Crampton was on rest leave.

1.) Flew "Hellcat Belle" twice and the second time we lost an engine over Iwo Jima and had to strip the ship. Made it back to Saipan after a grueling five hours of not knowing whether we'd make it or not.

2.) Not for my grandchildren to look upon!

3.) "Kay-Lyn" The lovely Varga girl of the 11th.

1.) Zach in front of Halekai Officers' Club.

2.) R.L.S. in front of Halekai

1.) Zach in front of Willard Inn.

2.) R.L.S. outside of Willard where we'd just had breakfast.

1.) Gumps in Honolulu taken from across the main drag on the way out to Waikiki.

2.) R.L.S. at Halekai with the ocean in the background.

1.) Tent row at Kahuku

2.) The various hounds that haunted us at Kahuku.

1.) The lawn at the North Shore Officers Club.

2.) Zach holding Bali and Hershel with Px in background at Kahuku.

1.) Zach standing in tent row.

2.)"Pop" holding Bali and Hershel.

Good shot of our formation leaving Haha Jima after a raid on shipping in the harbor.
Hellcat Belle pictured at left, which we stripped a few missions later on.

Clipping of our raids on Iwo Jima from the New York Papers.

1.) One of our many thirteen hours flights up to Chichi Jima to hit shipping. No fighters but very heavy flak.

2.) The runway at Iwo takes another pounding. Good picture of those damn Phou bombs - beautiful but mighty treacherous!

The old 431st about to turn in on a bomb run against shipping at Haha Jima. Usually found a good target in Okimura Ko.

Agana Town

1.) The old Stone luck was with me that day!

2.) Freeman and French putting shackles on 100 lb. demos.

3.) Weaver and Rudler trying to look busy.

1.) The best ship on the line, #664.

2.) Meyer's dreamship, #673

3.) Poul's super-bomber #016. One hundred missions and back to the states on a bond tour!

1.) & 2.) The P-38's from Saipan here to escort us to Truk. Of course, they never did go with us in typical 431st fashion.

3.) Lt. General Harmon came to pay us a visit.

1.) Philip, a Chamorro kid, fooling around in the tent.

2.) Philip engrossed in a comic book.

1.) Nothing like a refreshing (sud!) shower.

2.) George Coates removing his beard.

3.) Another shot of our palatial shower room.

1.) The old water buffalo, the Chamorros best means of travel.

2.) Chamorro girls walking to school on Agana road.

1.) Tommy Page on his eighteenth letter for the day.

2.) Frank Pouls with a burst of ambition does his laundry.

3.) Capt. Lee acting as supervisor for the detail working on the club.

4.) George Keller and others reading the "poop from group."

1.) Our tent on the mud as it was on arrival at Guam.

2.) Front entrance to our abode after we'd put in a floor.

3.) & 4.) The Larai or Porch as shown from the rear.

1.) The roof goes up on the new officers' club.

2.) Zimmy at work on the framework.

3.) The "little boys room", combat style.

1.) Cardy & Neob in traditional garb of the outfit.

2.) Taylor, Temme, & O'Neill looking pleased about something.

1.) Long Tom Huegle trying to press a point.

2.) "Smiley" Homer Lurdy, one of the best gents in the 431st.

1.) Steve Coffey looking pleased at finishing his 40th mission.

2.) Zach looking like the cat that swallowed the canary.

1.) View of Agana from the hill.

2.) Coast line of Guam with Agana off to left.

1.) Sinajana, the native village, where we had our laundry done.

2.) Native house along the run to the airfield.

1.) Agana, looking towards ocean.

2.) Another shot of Agana.

1.) Nesmith flew 40 in the Jenny and she was willed to us - what a collection of nuts and bolts!!

2.) Home on a bond-selling tour retired from combat after 100 raids on the Nips.

1.) & 2.) The lounge at the officers' club at Halekai, Waikiki.

1.) Charlie Swan in front of old #153. What a wreck!

2.) One of the 42nd ships.

1.) The outline of Haha Jima as seen on a low level snooper raid.

2.) Clouds and endless amounts of space as seen on our return from Iwo.

3.) Sunsets as we're on the last few hundred miles north of Guam returning on a raid.

1.) Formation about to turn in on the bomb run.

2.) Two of the reasons the "mighty Lib" can stay in the wild blue yonder so long.

1.) A native village on Kwajalien.

2.) Chamarro kids in front of our tent.

3.) Sam Taylor's sail boat back at Kwaj.

1.) The Hansens' home at Kekaha on the island of Kauai, T.H.

2.) Bill and Grandma Nettleton. She was quite a sport for 85.

3.) Nettie and Hans Hansen - two perfectly swell hosts!

1.) "Pop" in front of Hansens.

2.) R.L.S. on rest leave.

3.) The Kekaha Sugar Plantation Offices on Kauai.

1.) Bill looking mighty well rested and relaxed after a few days chez Hansens.

2.) Close-up of R.L.S.

3.) R.L.S. and Grandma Nettleton

4.) Hans on the porch of their Mt. home - kinda like Alderbrook.

1.) Waimea Canyon, Kauai

2.) Another shot of Waimea taken the day we went up to the Robertsons for dinner.

1.) Maj. Berry, Capt. Royce

2.) Temme serving the boys with "black death" at our club opening.

3.) "Pop" and some of the boys indulging in a game of skill.

Combat Missions
1. October 21st the airfield at Yap 6hrs. 20min.
2. November 1st Navy escort in Bonins 13 hrs. 45 min.
3. November 9th shipping at Haha 12 hrs. 30 min.
4. November 11th airfields at Iwo 9 hrs. 35 min.
5. November 19th shipping at Chichi 10 hrs. 50 min.
6. November 21st installations at Haha 12 hrs. 15 min.
7. November 25th shipping at Chichi 11 hrs.
8. November 29th airfields at Iwo 9 hrs. 40 min.
9. December 3rd airfields at Iwo 11 hrs. 30 min.
10. December 8th airfields at Iwo 9 hrs. 40 min.
11. December 10th airfields at Iwo 9 hrs.
12. December 21st airfield #1 at Iwo 10 hrs. 10 min.
13. December 24th airfield #1 at Iwo 9 hrs. 45 min.
14. December 27th airfield #1 at Iwo 10 hrs.
15. December 29th airfield #1 at Iwo 10 hrs.
16. January 5th airfield #1 at Iwo 10 hrs.
17. January 8th airfield #1 at Iwo 10 hrs.
18. January 10th airfield #1 at Iwo 10 hrs. 20 min.
19. January 14th airfield #1 at Iwo 9 hrs. 30 min.
20. January 18th airfield #1 at Iwo 9 hrs. 25 min.
21. January 21st airfield # at Iwo 10 hrs. 25 min.
22. January 24th installation at Iwo 10 hrs. 10 min.
23. February 12th gun emplacements at Iwo 10 hrs. 10 min.
24. February 16th air support to task force 10 hrs. 10 min.
25. February 18th air support to task force 10 hrs. 30 min.
26. February 27th Susaki Airfield at Chichi 12 hrs. 25 min.
27. March 1st Susaki Airfield at Chichi 11 hrs. 50 min.
28. March 6th Susaki Airfield at Chichi 11 hrs. 25 min.
29. March 10th Suaski Airfield at Chichi 10 hrs. 45 min.
30. March 11th Susaki Airfield at Chichi 11 hrs. 05 min.
31. March 14th Susaki Airfield at Chichi 11 hrs. 50 min.
32. March 18th Susaki Airfield at Chichi 11 hrs. 35 min.
33. March 20th Susaki Airfield at Chichi 10 hrs. 50 min.
34. March 22nd Susaki Airfield at Chichi 11 hrs. 25 min.
35. March 27th Susaki Airfield at Chichi 10 hrs. 35 min.
36. March 30th Installations + Airfield on Illarcus 11 hrs. 35 min.
37. April 5th Installations on Eten Is. Truk 8 hrs. 20 min.
38. April 9th Installations + Airfield on Illarcus 11 hrs. 35 min.
39. April 13th Installations + Airfield on Illarcus 11 hrs. 30 min.
40. April 19th Installations on Dublon Is. Truk 8 hrs.

The cover of the scrapbook features an image of the head of a pilot next to a flying plane, below a bald eagle with spread wings. "Service Memories" is written within the eagle's wings. An image of a plane is on the inside of the front cover.

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People: Stone, Robert L., 1921-2009

Historical Era: Great Depression and World War II, 1929-1945

Subjects: World War IIMilitary ServiceAir ForceAviation

Sub Era: World War II

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