13. What's New

“The Declaration at 250” is a multi-year project. These pages will be updated with new resources periodically. Check back here to find out what the Gilder Lehman Insitute of American History has planned.

Coming Soon

April 2022: A new publication, Black Historians on the Record, with essays related to democracy and liberty across the eighteenth, nineteenth, and twentieth centuries. Highlights include

  • “Race and the American Constitution: A Struggle toward National Ideals” by James Oliver Horton
  • “African Americans and the Making of Liberia” by Claude A. Clegg
  • “Avoiding the Trap of Whitewashing the Founding Era: Teaching Black Liberation during the American Revolution” by Alysha Butler-Arnold
  • “Frederick Douglass and the ‘Progress of American Liberty’” by James Oliver Horton
  • “Fighting for Democracy in World War I—Overseas and Over Here” by Maurice Jackson
  • “Patriotism Crosses the Color Line: African Americans in World War II” by Clarence Taylor

May 2022: History Now 63 (Summer 2022): “The Declaration of Independence and the Postcolonial World.” This issue will include essays on twentieth-century declarations of independence in the Caribbean, Africa, Asia, and the post–Soviet bloc.

Fall 2022: Self-Paced Course on the Declaration of Independence with Professor Eric Slauter, University of Chicago.

Fall 2022: New posters in the Gilder Lehrman Gift Shop