Cold War

Cold War

Korea: 1950–1953

Vietnam: 1959–1975


More than 35 million people served in the US Armed Forces during the Cold War between September 2, 1945, and December 26, 1991. During the Korean War, Walter Schirra Jr. flew missions with the 154th Fighter Bomber Squadron and later became an astronaut with NASA. Perry Watkins served in the US Army for fifteen years and demanded changes to Cold War–era military policies that discriminated against gay Service Members. Grace Murray Hopper was a naval computer scientist who helped develop military technology still used today.



Image Source: James K. F. Dung, Photograph of helicopters airlifting soldiers to a new staging area in South Vietnam, 1966, National Archives and Records Administration

American soldiers running to a helicopter

Lives and Legacies of US Veterans and Service Members

Professional Development

A mix of online and in-person PD sessions exploring American Veterans' and Service Members' lives on and off the battlefield.

Lesson Plans

These units focus on the service and sacrifice of military personnel help students learn and practice the skills to analyze visual and textual source materials.

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This online exhibition introduces viewers to nineteen men and women who served during six conflicts in American history.