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Their Full Measure: Digital Exhibition

Veterans Legacy Program


This online exhibition explores the lives of nineteen military service personnel in six conflicts: Revolutionary War, Civil War, World War I, World War II, the Cold War (Vietnam and Korea), and Iraq and Afghanistan. It features people of diverse backgrounds and all military branches. Viewers will gain a greater understanding of the experiences of US Service Members from the Revolution through Operation Enduring Freedom. 


Engaged Student Viewing a Computer Screen

Lives and Legacies of US Veterans and Service Members

Professional Development

A mix of online and in-person PD sessions exploring American Veterans' and Service Members' lives on and off the battlefield.

Lesson Plans

These units focus on the service and sacrifice of military personnel help students learn and practice the skills to analyze visual and textual source materials.

Online Exhibition

This online exhibition introduces viewers to nineteen men and women who served during six conflicts in American history.