Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan

Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan

Afghanistan: 2001–2021

Iraq: 2003–2011


The Iraq and Afghanistan Wars are the United States’ most recent armed conflicts. Alan G. Rogers served during the Gulf and Iraq Wars as a biometrics officer, and was killed in action while serving in Iraq. Jose Angel Garibay was killed during Operation Iraqi Freedom and was later granted posthumous US citizenship. Ashley White-Stumpf was one of the many women who served during the Afghanistan War and was posthumously awarded a Purple Heart.



Image Source: Corporal James L. Yarboro, Photograph of soldiers walking through an alley during an operation to capture Anti-Coalition Forces in the vicinity of Methar Lam, Afghanistan, 2005, US Army Central

Soldier walking through alley between houses in desert terrain

Lives and Legacies of US Veterans and Service Members

Professional Development

A mix of online and in-person PD sessions exploring American Veterans' and Service Members' lives on and off the battlefield.

Lesson Plans

These units focus on the service and sacrifice of military personnel help students learn and practice the skills to analyze visual and textual source materials.

Online Exhibition

This online exhibition introduces viewers to nineteen men and women who served during six conflicts in American history.